Nomad Sky Diaries is diy cassette & cd label based in Bratislava/Slovakia. We like a small limited editions - usually of 24, 33 or 67 pieces -> made by the care and love of our hands. We like noise, dark ambient, drone, musique concrete, industrial, raw metal, hc, avant jazz and a lots of experimental, extreme, dark, decadent and psychedelic stuff. We don't like ideologies, especially religious or political xenophobic bullshits. If you want to buy, release or trade something, or if you have just something on your hart to say, you can contact us on..


Sometimes we are maybe a little bit slow (u know that sedative types!!), but we love you anyhow:)) Listening to the noise from our tapes and CDs is not only phantastic, unbelievable, impressive, morral, ethically and esthetically rising experience for a whole life!!!

You can also check out to our older page ------> www.hlukove.mysteria.cz/nomad.htm

We are accepting a payments through PayPal and a normal&standard money transfers. Postal taxes are counting individualy. It's good, because that way you can pay less money for them. Just ask..


Cena za poštovné sa určuje individuálne a robíme to tak preto, aby ste za to nemuseli toľko platiť. Kľudne si napíšte:))